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Sec1 Blog

Explore the latest insights, trends, and expert perspectives on Application Security, Cloud Security, Penetration Testing, and more. Our experts provide concise insights to keep you informed and secure in the evolving digital landscape.

What is cybersecurity?

Cyber threats are rising, but so are cybersecurity tools and best practices. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, companies can safeguard their assets and protect their customers and employees. With vigilance and constant improvement, they can stay resilient in the face of this key business risk.

The Importance of Secure Coding Standards

With data breaches and cyberattacks making frequent headlines, building security into the software development process has become crucial. Adopting standard secure coding practices is a key strategy for developing more hardened, resilient applications.

Battling Ransomware: A Real-Life Encounter

It’s easy to think that ransomware attacks only happen to large corporations or government agencies, but the truth is, they can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. And let me tell you, when it happens to you, it feels like the ground has been pulled out from beneath your feet.