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About Us

At Sec1, we’re not just another cybersecurity company, we’re your trusted partner in the ever-evolving battle against digital threats. With a relentless commitment to safeguarding your digital world, we bring a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and passion to the forefront. Discover how we’re redefining cybersecurity, one solution at a time.

Our Mission

Protecting Your Digital Existence

At Sec1, our mission is crystal clear – to ensure your digital existence is impenetrable. In today’s hyper-connected world, where data is the lifeblood of every business, we stand as the guardians of your digital realm.

Experience that Matters

With decades of cybersecurity expertise, our team of brilliant minds is here to protect you from evolving threats.

What Sets Us Apart

Tailored Solutions for Every Challenge

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We leverage the latest AI and machine learning to detect threats that others can’t, staying ahead of cybercriminals.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Our 24/7 monitoring and threat hunting mean we identify and neutralize threats before they become problems.

Compliance Experts

Regulatory compliance is our forte. We ensure your business meets all cybersecurity standards without a hassle.

Your Trusted Advisor

We don’t just protect, we advise. Count on us for expert guidance in navigating the complex world of cybersecurity.

Our Commitment

At Sec1, our commitment goes beyond cybersecurity. We’re committed to your success, to your peace of mind, and to securing a digital future free from fear. Our promise is simple with Sec1, you’re not just protected, you’re empowered.

Meet the team

Meet our core team: cybersecurity experts passionate about protecting your digital presence with innovative and strategic solutions tailored to your needs.

Rajeev Mahajan


With experience as CIO of Engineering, Chief Digital & Data Officer, and Director of Digital Transformation at esteemed institutions like HSBC and Barclays, his expertise runs deep. Recognized as a Google Cloud Hero and dual recipient of NASSCOM’s Innovation & Transformation honors, we demonstrate unparalleled commitment to excellence. As a world runner-up in AI Deep Racer, he showcased an instinctive grasp of AI’s potential. Beyond corporate triumphs, his entrepreneurial flair fuels innovative ventures.


Dinesh Rawat


Experience predominantly in the security domain and influential leadership roles, notably heading the Mobile Digital Security Platform at HSBC, he brings expertise in diverse facets of digital security. Recognised as an industry expert, he ensures robust solutions against modern cyber threats. His dedication lies in continuously fortifying defences and staying at the forefront of evolving security challenges for a secure digital landscape.


Saurabh Thatte


Pioneering technology transformation and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge tech with DevSecOps standards. Honoured as a Google Cloud Hero and demonstrate unparalleled expertise in cloud solutions. Top 3 ranking in AWS DeepRacer exemplifies mastery in the AI & ML landscape. These achievements underscore his commitment to excellence and innovation.


Rahul Darekar

Head Of Engineering

A tech luminary and social pioneer with over a decade spearheading software innovation. Holds pivotal roles at Barclays, CitiBank, and HSBC, celebrated for NASSCOM-recognized cybersecurity achievements. Fusing unparalleled tech expertise with profound societal dedication. Beyond the screen, a fervent sports enthusiast, embodying a life of professional excellence intertwined with personal passions for tennis and cricket.


Vinayak Padwalkar

UI/UX Head

A distinguished UI mastermind epitomising digital brilliance, Vinayak’s notable contributions include transforming business visions into thriving e-commerce hubs like, crafting intuitive digital portals such as, and conceptualising the digital framework for logistics powerhouse Beyond his professional endeavours, Vinayak’s passions encompass cycling and music.


Vineet Agarwal

Strategic Advisor

Principal architect from Google.


Our Strategic Advisors

Rumi Contractor

Strategic Advisor

Ex President/COO/CEO at Quinnox, Barclays, HSBC.


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Ready to experience the future of cybersecurity? Join us on this journey, and together, we’ll fortify your digital world.

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